Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back and Healthy!

Wow, it's been a rough fall!  Seems like we caught one illness after another around here for a while.  I've struggled with sinus issues my whole life, but this fall took the cake and finally forced me to do something about it when 4 1/2 months and multiple rounds of medication couldn't clear up a killer sinus infection.  I got to where I was basically functional, but daily headaches and 2 hour daily naps while Kate slept have been my norm the last few months. 

Then, this miracle happened last week:

Image from vitaleinstitute.com

It's called Balloon Sinuplasty.  Basically, a wire containing a small deflated balloon is inserted into the opening of the sinuses and inflated to widen the opening and allow the infection to clear up.  They do it in office under local anesthesia, and according to my doctor, it eliminates the need for sinus surgery for 80% of patients.

Last Thursday, I had this procedure done on 6 sinuses.  It was a little rougher than expected because the doc had to get around a pretty seriously deviated septum (not fun), but he was successful!  I left exhausted and with a pretty good headache.  After a good nap that afternoon, I woke up feeling stuffy like I had a cold, but otherwise good. Friday, I had the first headache free day I can remember.  Amazing.  This morning (5 days later), I actually went running for the first time since August.

So this is what normal feels like!!!  I love it! 

Anyway - lots going on here that I'm excited to share.  And I'm so happy to not need a nap during the day so I can actually share it!   Stay tuned! 

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