Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Vacation #1: Nauvoo and Iowa

This summer our family vacation was a trip up to Iowa for Greg's family reunion.  We decided to have a little fun along the way.  We stopped in Arkansas to show the kids where we used to live - including this place, the first home we ever owned.

The kids begged to stop by and visit our former neighbors.  I felt bad because we were popping in unannounced with 6 kids, after being gone for 8 1/2 years!  I told the kids we would say a quick hello and be on our way so we wouldn't be any trouble.  Well - imagine my surprise when Susan asked us in for lunch.  Being the inspired lady she is, she had just made an enormous pot of chili (it's just she and her husband at home these days), which was more than enough to feed our whole family.  We had w WONDERFUL time chatting and catching up.

Next stop was Hannibal, Missouri - home of Mark Twain.  We had a little fun checking out the Mississippi and the Tom Sawyer Cave.

My climbing girl

On to Nauvoo, one of our favorite places!   Before the outdoor pageant in the evening, we enjoyed some pioneer activities with Greg's parents, siblings, and their families. 

Ashley helped Kate make a doll

Big Boys on the crosscut saw

Cameron with cousin Brigham
We got to see both the British pageant, and the regular production

We had a little drama when Joseph broke his front tooth in half on a plastic lawn chair while running around with his cousins after the show.  Once he settled down enough to realize that it didn't really hurt, he was off and going and opted to wait a couple of days to get it fixed so he wouldn't miss anything!

Love this picture of my girls!!

 The four older kids all got to go inside the temple in Nauvoo, so I took the little ones around to check out the outside.  Joseph remarked, "I love the temple because it is so peaceful here." 

On to Iowa!  We got Joseph's tooth fixed,

had a fun night of skits and karaoke with Greg's extended relatives (these are some seriously funny people!),

Ashley and Grandma singing

 Played at the lake
Greg, the King of the Sand Castle

Cute cousins

My niece Leah and I on the kayak.  She's awesome. 
 and wore this sweet little girl out...

 More than once...

 for real...

 Enjoy this short video of the boys trying out some ice skating, which their warm-weather selves don't get much opportunity to do around here.  Hilarious!

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