Monday, June 16, 2014

A Full Heart

As I type this post, Garrett and Joseph are outside playing together.  I can see them through my window: laughing, yelling, and carrying on.  The significance of this moment is not lost on me, and my heart is very full as I watch something that would seem totally ordinary to anyone else. 

A year ago, these two could not be left alone together.  Garrett was struggling terribly at the time.  (If you are new to the blog, there is more on his story here.) He didn't like himself much, which made it difficult to love others.  He clung to Greg and I for help, and had a soft spot for his sisters.  However, his brothers frequently received the fallout of the sadness, fear, and anger he felt.  Since he had a healthy respect for the superior size and strength of his older brothers, Joseph became his target.  While my heart was broken over the struggles Garrett was having, it was broken yet again by the sadness Joseph felt.  Furthermore, nothing we did to try to help their relationship seemed to make a difference.

Last week, Joseph and I spent some time at Cub Scout Day Camp.  As I was walking to the BB Gun range with a group of fantastic 9 year old boys, I was asking a couple of the boys if they had any brothers or sisters.  One of them said, "Yeah - I have a big brother, but he's pretty mean to me."  After listening for a bit, I told him, "Do you know what happens with brothers when they grow up a little?  Usually, they become best friends."  At this point, Joseph's face lit up, and he chimed in, "It's true!  My brother used to hate me, and now we're best friends!"  As the boys continued talking, I just felt deeply happy inside, realizing that they REALLY are the best of friends.  What a miracle! 

Lots coming up on the blog soon!  We've been busy getting a daughter graduated from high school and registered for college classes (CRAZY!!), but I've got lots going on in my head that I can't wait to share.  I have a series on taking control of electronic device use, and ongoing discoveries on our journey to better health coming up (man, have I learned a lot!!).  Hope you're having a wonderful summer and we'll see you soon!

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