Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Best Kind of Sidetracked

Can you feel summer coming?  That feeling as you run around finishing everything up, but with way fewer rules than a few months ago?  I know around here, we're getting up a little later, eating more school lunches (because we woke up too late to make homemade lunches), and last week, we even went to the movies on a school night... because it sounded fun. 

 This morning after getting the 5 big kids off to school, Kate and I drove across town for our morning run, just for some variety.  In true "end-of-the-school-year-mom" fashion, I threw some pretzels into a baggie with a few chocolate chips for her breakfast.  She loved it.  What was supposed to be exercise just turned into fun.  We walked more than I planned and stopped to look at the egrets by the water.  When Kate saw the fountains, she said, "I wanna take my clothes off and get wet!"  Couldn't say no to that! 

Relaxed, and enjoying her chocolate after the fountains
Then we saw this lady in the parking lot as we returned to the car!  I forget what she said these things are - some South American raccoon relative.  So funny!  They were going 3 different directions at all times. 

So, basically, it took an hour and a half to go 3 miles, but it was the most fun I've had on a run in a while!


  1. Allison is telling me..."that's silly, I want raccoon things for pets!" Looks so fun!!!

  2. That almost makes me excited to take up running. So fun! :) And those things look like something Robin used to see in Panama. I think she called them kudomundos, or something like that.