Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A good week for Cam!

It has been a good week for Cam so far, with more to come!

He was honored at the track banquet Tuesday night.

He finished all of the merit badges he needs for his EAGLE (Hooray!!!), and met with an organization he is really excited about helping with his project.

He got his driver's license - wahoo!  So funny - his driving was TERRIBLE on the way to his test.  He's usually a great driver.  Chalk it up to nerves - he did great and was back to his normal self on the way home.  Is that a happy face or what?!  He volunteered to drive my carpool this afternoon and ran some errands.  New drivers are awesome. 

He picked up his prom tux tonight and was looking pretty sharp.  Can't show you that one yet, but there will be lots of pics coming after Saturday!

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