Monday, February 24, 2014


We have entered track season with a bang around here!  This year we have a long jumper and a pole vaulter.  Exciting stuff! 

Isaac had a great first meet.  After missing his whole season last year with a broken arm (broken on his first high jump during his first practice), he's loving it! 

 Cam started out great, too.  He is vaulting for the Varsity team as a sophomore, which he is totally excited about, and placed 2nd at his first meet.  He actually cleared the winning height, but did it in 2 attempts, and his opponent did it in 1, so the tie went to the other guy.  So close! 

Relaxing with his first Varsity medal at home.

Last week was kind of a bummer.  Isaac got rained out, and Cameron no-heighted Saturday.  He went up to a 15 foot pole this week, and needs some more practice on it.  The mechanics of this sport are crazy.  With the longer pole, he has to jump a foot and a half earlier, and aim his body at a different flex point.  With so much to remember as far as steps taken, speed, body position, etc., it's just going to take some muscle memory.  His coach knew this week would be rough and wasn't worried at all, but it's always disappointing to come in last - especially when he is so close to setting the school record he can taste it.   It should be his any day now and we can't wait! 

*By the way - Greg and I learned something this weekend.  Being football parents at a track meet makes you the loudest people in the stadium.  We're used to cheering these guys on at full volume!  Oh well - at least our boys know we love them, right?

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