Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Fun Look Back

I was looking over my old blog a bit today and reminiscing, and found this gem from Summer 2009:

The Mother of Boys

Because I am the mother of boys, we recently spackled over the dents and holes in the walls, and my walls now look like this:

Because I am the mother of boys, I recently found this water bottle upside down on the counter. Naturally, I turned it upright, at which point water came pouring out of the tiny hole that had been bitten in the bottom.

Because I am the mother of boys, I get to be part of entertaining conversations every day. Last week, we hosted 4 teenage girls for youth conference. They came over for dinner, then showered and got ready at our house before leaving for the dance. After they left, the boys' bathroom upstairs smelled like vanilla body spray. Here is the conversation that ensued when the boys discovered the scent.

Cameron: It doesn't even smell like a bathroom in there!

Isaac: I know! Go pee on the floor, Cam.

Garrett: I'm going to kiss those girls for leaving that smell!

Because I am the mother of boys, I hear jokes like this all the time: "Hey, did you know the word "gullible" is written on the ceiling?" Then they laugh when the victim looks up. Yesterday, they tried this joke on their dad. As he had heard it before, he would not look up. Well, the joke was on him again. They had actually somehow stuck it up on the ceiling this time. (As I write this, Cameron informed me that they stood on the counter and used a pogo stick to stick it up there.)

Because I am the mother of boys, my life is always interesting, and I never run out of opportunities to practice patience and good humor. I love these crazy little rascals, and am so grateful for them and their beautiful sister.

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