Thursday, January 9, 2014

Of Pepper Piles and Laundry: What I learned today from my 2-year-old

I wake up pretty gung-ho every morning: ready to hit the ground running and accomplish great things. 

This morning, this greeted me after I returned home from delivering all of the kiddos to school:

No problem!  I jumped right in, sorting the mountain of clean laundry I had washed yesterday, singing along with the "Frozen" soundtrack at full volume. (Anyone else doing that these days?)   I had to take a few breaks to retrieve Kate from bedrooms she wasn't supposed to be in and the like, but we were having fun.

 Then I got to this point:

 All of the clothes were sorted by person, ready to be hung and put away, but I was tapped out.  Bored, done, sick of doing laundry, and wanting to quit.  However, these days, leaving the clothes like this would be too much temptation for Little Miss 2.  I would be granted the privilege of starting over again later if I walked away.  I HAD to finish. Ugh.  Strangled by laundry.  The only way out was through. 

As I pressed forward on the laundry front, I made Kate some lunch.  She ate some, and then proceeded to pour pepper all over what was left.  She stared down at her plate in dismay.  I asked if she wanted some new food. "No."  Are you done? "No." Can I throw this away? "NOOOO!!"  Ahh... the joys of being 2.  As I watched her internal struggle, I had to smile.  I've been through this 5 times already.  I know that this oppositional phase is necessary for her to become independent, to keep learning.  I know that it ends, and I know that she will grow up far too quickly.  I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead and left her with her plate of pepper.  She needed to figure it out herself.  The only way out of this stage is through.

The lesson was not lost on me.  I knew this pile of laundry was representative of my OWN development.  I've talked before about being organizationally impaired.  The truth is, I have trouble finishing what I start as soon as it stops being interesting.  That's why my house is never completely clean and I have piles of unfinished books.  Fortunately, I find a lot of things interesting, so I'm not completely dysfunctional, but I struggle to be a "finisher". 

With renewed resolve, I tackled the pile again.  Hanging, organizing, putting away.  I did it.  I FINISHED.  Yay me!

And while a pile of laundry and a plate full of heavily-peppered hummus are insignificant in and of themselves, I'm pretty proud of what they represent today: PROGRESS.

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  1. Oh, I am so glad I am not the only one. I think I'm organizationally impaired in most things too, but I love how you remind us of PROGRESS. We need ot always keep trying, eh. Thanks for sharing.