Monday, January 27, 2014

A Little Princess

After months of rehearsals and lots of hard work, we got to watch Ashley in her school's production of the musical "A Little Princess" this weekend. Holy smokes!  What a great show! 

It was really a sweet moment for her: not only is it her senior year, but a couple of her very best friends were in the show with her, PLUS - that was one of our favorite stories when she was little and the only other girl in the house.

Ashley played the part of Miss Amelia, the kind teacher and sister of the evil Miss Minchin.  If I do say so myself, she was spectacular.  Even though I hear her sing all the time at home, I am always wowed when I see her perform.  So proud of that girl!!

They did not allow flash photography or videotaping, so all I have are iphone pics taken without the flash (apologies for the terrible quality!), but here are a few shots from the show:


Meeting friends and family after the show

Can you tell this little brother was proud of her?  

Yeah - and her parents were a little proud, too.  :)

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