Monday, December 23, 2013

Staying Focused During the Holidays - Part III

This tradition has been a favorite of mine since it was introduced to us long ago by some friends.

Every year on Christmas Eve, we have a Birthday Party for Jesus.  It is really nice to take some time to focus on the Savior BEFORE all of the hustle and bustle of opening presents begins.   Here is what the evening usually looks like for us:

Usually - we invite friends!  This is a fun tradition to share.  We have some neighbors that have joined us for years.  We have dinner first.  This year we are doing our nice Christmas Dinner a day early - I usually am so busy having fun playing with the kids Christmas day that I forget to get it started!  For the last few years, our Christmas Dinner has been on the 26th for this very reason.  Thus- we're changing it up this year!

After dinner, we gather to give gifts to the Savior.  Usually, it is something we need to improve in our lives.  For us, this takes the place of New Year's Resolutions and adds a bit more meaning.  For example, last year, my gift was to take better care of my physical body and to improve my daily scripture study.  We keep it simple, but meaningful.  Each person takes a turn sharing what gift they are giving to the Savior.  After the gifts have been given, we typically watch a movie depicting the Christmas story.  Click here for a page with some of our favorites that you can use for free. 

Then we move on to cake!  We sing Happy Birthday and enjoy dessert together.  There is usually some very good conversation that takes place at this point as well.

Hope you are all enjoying a very Merry Christmas season thus far! 

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