Saturday, December 14, 2013

Staying Focused During the Holidays Part II

We first tried this next activity when our kids were all pretty little.  At that time, we had a pile of litle boys that were in each other's business constantly.  To try to introduce a little more peace, harmony, and love at home, we instituted this next tradition.

I grabbed an old flower box I had in the garage and cut up some raffia for "straw".  I set the bowl of straw next to our "manger" and told the kids that for each kind deed they did, they could add one piece of straw to the manger.  They got very excited about making a comfortable bed for the baby Jesus by Christmas.   On Christmas Eve, when we read the story of the Nativity together, our kids acted out the story, using the bed they made with their kindness for the Baby Jesus.

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