Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Friends, Fun, and Fireballs

When Greg was growing up, there was a family at his church with 5 kids, approximately the same ages and Greg and his sibs.  They did everything together.  Parents and kids were all the best of friends.  Over many years and many moves, and even though we are now far from home, one of these friends (Kellee) has settled in our neck of the woods.  We get together every now and then, and as her sister Robin and her kids were coming to visit over Thanksgiving, we made a party of it.

As we were preparing to head over to Kellee's house, it occurred to me that our family would all be together and around other people, one of which I was sure I could convince to use my camera to snap our annual Christmas Card picture.  I had my kids all dress reasonably nicely before we left.  Holy moly.  Apparently, asking a boy to wear a collared shirt on a holiday weekend is some kind of crime.  We were all pretty grumpy as we loaded our fresh and nicely dressed selves into the van.  

We ultimately arrived, tromped into the woods, Kellee's husband Joe snapped a few pictures, and we released the newly happy boys into the wild.  I took a few minutes to take a few pictures of Ashley.  I opted to take her senior pictures myself this year.  The setting was gorgeous, she was all dressed and ready, and I had my camera, so we went for it.  Most of the time she did stuff like this, which if we're honest, I fully expected.  :)

But... we got some great shots, too.

The kids and teens all had a great time playing "Soccer Gigantus."

The two little Katherines had some pie together.

We  enjoyed some hot dogs, smores, and conversation around the campfire, and then the teens exchanged some fun traditions.  The Carolina kids taught my kids "Star Tripping"... and then we taught the Carolina kids how to make a 30 foot fireball.  (See video below)

Ok - here's my disclaimer on the fireball.   As you'll see, this can be dangerous stuff.  PLEASE don't try this unless you really know what you're doing.  In fact, I'm not even going to reveal the secret ingredient for the protection of the careless.  This fireball was well-supervised by 6 adults, and we fully trusted all of the older kids that participated to be responsible.  They were, and it was awesome.  :)

Finally, we were all freezing, so we decided to go get some shaved ice.  Makes sense, right?  Actually, Kellee's daughter Karoline had to go to work, so we all went to see her... and have shaved ice in the freezing cold... 

Sure love all of these people!!

By the way, how is Operation Order going at your house?  I got behind for a few days, but my good husband bailed me out by taking on the boys' rooms while I was gone one day.  Hooray!  Updates coming soon!

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