Monday, November 11, 2013

Thoughts this Morning

I'm thinking a lot about GRATITUDE this morning!  As I pulled into Garrett's school today, the driveway was lined with American flags and posters made by the students of their veteran friends and family.

I am so grateful for those who have fought and sacrificed to keep us free.  I am also grateful for their families.  As I've watched my sister-in-law and all she has done to support her husband as he serves our country, I realize that the sacrifices are not only made by the soldiers themselves.  Thank you all!

I have also been thinking about my Grandpa today, who served in the US Army.  Love him and miss him so much!  One of the finest, funniest men I have ever known.  What an influence he has had on me!  When I look at who I have become, and the people my children are becoming,  I can't help but see his imprint everywhere.

Grandpa as a student at BYU...
... and at MY graduation from BYU

 I am grateful for happy moments.  Kate is the only one of my 4 brunette children to have inherited my blonde eyebrows.  Isaac took it upon himself to correct that Saturday, when he took a makeup pencil  to his little sister.  Oh, my goodness - I laughed SO hard!

And finally - I am GRATEFUL today for opportunities.  Today, Greg is talking to some folks at work  about some exciting new opportunities.    Also, Ashley found out that she has a callback for a role in the upcoming school musical.  Also exciting news!  Praying for and wishing them both the best today! 

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