Friday, November 15, 2013

Simply Inspired

My house has been driving me a little crazy lately.  8 people.  8 years (longest I have ever lived in one house).  I am realizing that every nook and cranny needs to be gone through and that we need to get rid of 50-75% of the STUFF we own.  Ever get tired of picking up stuff nobody really uses, but gets taken out anyway?  Also, how many t-shirts do kids really need?  Even books can become a major maintenance issue.  But where to start?  And when to get it done?  Those questions have been floating around the back of my mind for a while now.

Well - yesterday, I got to get away for a little bit and go do something fun!  My friend Kierste (who writes the spectacular Simply Kierste blog) hosted a Pinterest party, and I got to go and learn how to make this super cute mason jar gift set:

So fun!  She is creative in ways that I am not, and it was really a blast to get together and chat, and come away with something so adorable - I never would have thought of this.  She has all of the details and directions over on her blog here.

Here's where the "inspired" part comes in.  Her house really looks as good as it does in her blog!  I loved the peace of the simple, uncluttered, organized feeling, and I realized it was time to get serious about this!!  

So - I'm launching a crusade against junk in my house.

Yes- right before Christmas.  Yes- I might be insane ... but nevertheless, we're going for it! I'm going to call it "Operation Order" , or "OO" for short, as in "OOOO - that looks so much better!"

Here's how this is going to work - feel free to join along!  Because my time is so limited and I can only work in snatches here and there, I am starting with 2 simple goals for phase 1, which is "Get the Junk Out!"

1. 5 days a week, I will go on a 15 minute "trash rampage", where I will throw away anything that is actual trash, no longer usable,  worn out, or broken (I am now able to face the fact that I will not actually ever fix that broken toy, broken lamp, broken mug, etc.  They're history.)  This also includes party favors my kids have collected, pieces of games that are no longer all in existence, stray puzzle pieces, and anything of that nature that just ends up using up my mental energy.  

2. 5 days a week, I will also spend a few minutes gathering up things we no longer need/want and take them straight to my car to be dropped off at a donation center - I have one right around the corner from my house, so that makes it easy.  Although I could probably have a killer garage sale with everything I plan to cut loose, the stuff would STILL BE HERE until then, which means my kids will MOVE it, and I will be perpetually starting over.  So, I am forgoing the money and just donating everything for the sake of continued progress.  

So here is how it's going so far!  The first "trash rampage" was a kitchen cabinet lovingly referred to as the "art cabinet".  This is where we keep craft supplies, and it had become hazardous to even open the door for all of the garbage piled in there!  In my 15 minutes, I cleared out an entire black garbage bag of junk - threw it all away.  Random drawings, rumpled papers, stray googly eyes, dried up stamp pads, popsicle sticks - you name it.   When Joseph came home and saw the inside of the cabinet, he was elated!  And no - nobody missed a single thing.

My first donation comes from my closet.  I took out a bunch of clothes that are now TOO BIG.  (Hooray!)  I have to say, this one was particularly satisfying, because not only am I clearing out junk, but it also represents success, and that's exciting! 

So - for a maximum of 30 minutes a day, I am going to start with CLEARING our space before we move on to phase 2.  Wanna join me? Start your timers! (and STOP when they sound! We're going for consistency here!  Don't wear yourself out to where you don't want to do it the next day.) 

Happy clearing!

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