Friday, November 1, 2013

Funny Stuff!

This has been a week of fun and laughter around here!  As I looked through my pictures on my phone this morning, I couldn't help but laugh all over again at some of this stuff!

I asked Isaac to get Kate out of the van for me after school, and he did.  This is how he brought her in the house.  As he hoisted the bag up, she said, "Thank you much!" in her sweet little voice.

Garrett has started playing the violin, and was eager to show off his skills to  the big kids.  I love Ashley's face here.  She was obviously concerned about some aspect of his performance, huh?

The 3 big kids were up late Monday night, and we were chatting as Ashley snacked on a bag of frozen peas while writing a letter to a friend.  She dropped one on her paper.  Cam said, "Oh no.  You pea'd your letter."  That was all it took.  The pea jokes were flying then.

On Tuesday, Cam was home from school with a cold.  He gave Kate a bag of cheetos, and then told her to put them in her nose, which she dutifully did.  This girl would do anything for him.

Isaac answered the door in this Monkey-in-a-Suit get-up to hand out some candy to trick-or-treaters.  The group of pre-teen girls SCREAMED and ran, and wouldn't come back to the door until one of their moms came with. 

Ashley and her best friend stayed at our house to hand out candy while we took the younger kids out.  When I came back, they were sitting on the floor in the foyer laughing and having a good time.   I asked if they had had many trick-or-treaters, and Ashley said, "Only 2!  Kinda weird.  But come look at what we did to the front door!"  As we walked out, I spotted the candy bowl on the front porch, which they had set down while they decorated the door. Ha!  Love these girls.

And finally, I stumbled across this scene in our living room a couple of days ago.

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