Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Step Aside Seuss

Cam was worn out yesterday.  He gets up at 4:45 each morning to attend a church class before school each day, and had gone hard at football practice the night before.  When you add on homework and everything else, it adds up and the kid was cooked. 

He went to bed a little early, and then realized that his clothes were washing in the washer.  He texted me from his bed to see if I would mind switching them to the dryer for him once the cycle was complete. 

Of course, I had no problem with that, but decided to tease him a bit.  He saw right through it and snagged the opportunity to tease me right back.  Sure love this boy! (And rest assured - he's a good, respectful young man who doesn't make a habit of calling his mother names.)

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