Thursday, October 24, 2013

Go Cougars! (The blue ones)

Whenever our favorite college team plays within a reasonable driving distance of us, we try to make it there to cheer them on.  Friday and Saturday, we were able to make a weekend of it.  So fun!

Something the BYU Football team does (which I think is awesome) is put on a team "fireside" whenever they play on the road.  Basically, the players put on a devotional program for the community, which is open to the public.  We took our 5 oldest kids and went crazy early to get good seats.  We ended up on the 3rd row - not bad!  A couple of the players shared their experiences and feelings about the gospel and how it has influenced them for good.  Then a few players sang a hymn, followed by a talk by Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall.  At the conclusion, all of the players in attendance stood and sang the closing hymn together.  It was so awesome to be able to show my boys that these guys they look up to are building on a solid foundation.  

Afterward, they were able to meet the players.  My boys made a pretty quick beeline for Quarterback Taysom Hill.  In fact, when Cameron got up there and realized that he had not brought anything for him to autograph, he had him sign his phone battery!  They had a great time chatting with some of the other players outside as well.  

Saturday - we headed over to Reliant Stadium to watch our BYU Cougars take on the undefeated Houston Cougars! We had our signs ready...

My cute daughter was WAY excited ... as were the rest of us.   (Just as a side note - can I just say that whoever marries her is going to be one seriously lucky guy?  Not only is she amazing, but he'll be able to watch as much football as he wants.)

Cam and Isaac bought these masks before the game.  They said "With these masks, and these signs, and our seats being in the 4th row... we are TOTALLY going to be on TV!"  Sure enough, within 30 seconds of taking our seats, the cameras were rolling on these two!  So funny.  

We stopped by the Cougar Town party to eat...

 ... and take a few pics in the photo booth.

 Once we took our seats, I said, "Boys!  Look over here for a picture."  They turned at the same time and this is what I got."  Cracks me up to no end...

It was SO fun being this close to the action!

And our Cougars were well-represented.  The final estimate was that we were about 40% of the crowd, and it was Houston's Homecoming Game.   I don't think they typically see an away crowd like that.  

The game was very long, and very wild, but was ultimately won by ONE POINT by our beloved Cougs in the final minute of the game!  Wahoo!  This pic was taken during one of the intense, not-very-fun parts of the game... the kids' faces kind of say it all, huh?

At the end, the team came around to the BYU crowd and high-fived the fans on the way to the locker room, and of course, my kiddos were right in the thick of it.
We were a pretty quiet group Sunday, as most of us had yelled ourselves hoarse Saturday, but what a weekend!  Rise and Shout!

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  1. I don't know how many other "comments" you haven't gotten, but the one I left Friday isn't showing. Just thanks for sharing this great event. It was not a pretty game to watch, but it had to be one of the most exciting in BYU history and we're SO glad you were able to be there and HELP those Cougars win, as I KNOW the cheering and yelling makes a difference on both sides of the ball! GO Cougar family!!!