Monday, October 14, 2013


Me and the kiddos on my birthday

I've been trying to find that elusive balance the last few weeks between living life, and writing about it.  In the face of a very busy schedule, I erred on the side of living it.  Since I want to remember all of it, I have some writing to do now!!

...and because we have Camera Reaction Syndrome, it always becomes this...

Last week, I turned 40.  I will admit that I had a bit of a hard time with this one!!  As I stated back here, it's not that I really mind being older.  For heaven's sake, I'm going to have an adult child in a few months, and I probably SHOULD be this age!  I just didn't like the number.  Dumb - but nevertheless, that's where I was.  I went to bed the night before my birthday a little sad that I was going to wake up and be 40.

As it always does, morning came.  My high schoolers left dark and early, as always, and I got Joseph off to school.  After I dropped off Isaac and Garret next, I just felt an overwhelming sense of GRATITUDE wash over me as I drove home with little Kate chattering away in the back seat.  I realized that for 40 years, I have been surrounded by people that love me.  Through good times and bad, I have developed faith that has been strong enough to get me through some tough stuff, and continues to carry me through.  As I reflected on the blessings of the last 40 years, suddenly, it didn't feel so bad.

When I arrived home from Ashley's concert that night (which I got to go to by myself, as Greg handled all of our boys and their scouting activities that night), there were 40 roses waiting for me.  Is he awesome, or what?

Saturday, a bunch of our friends joined us in the largest cupcake launch to date, and my beloved Cougars delivered a convincing win over Georgia Tech.  Family, friends, fun, and football - best birthday party ever!

Some of the teenagers went out with pizza pans to "catch."  Here is Cameron with a fantastic diving grab.

* Historical side note - 20 years ago, I decided that I wanted to spend my 20th birthday watching the BYU vs. UCLA game with some friends.  Greg and his roommates were on the guest list.  We had a great time, and he asked me out for the first time that weekend.  Go Cougars!

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  1. Happy birthday! You pull off 40 beautifully! Love you!