Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have had a few posts in the works and in my mind, but I had to send off my computer (and my ability to access my pictures) for repairs.  So - those will have to wait - hopefully not much longer.  Thank goodness for phone pics, right?

  When we had our ultrasound appointment and found out that Kate was a girl, we were so excited!  We would have been thrilled if she were another boy as well, but finally- another girl!  Ashley would have a sister after all!  It was exciting stuff.  We texted her, and unbeknownst to us, caused a huge uproar in the high school cafeteria.  She and all her friends had been on pins and needles waiting for the results and a huge cheer went up when the news came in!  They even brought a PINK cake to youth night at the church that night to celebrate.  (I tell you - that girl has some amazing friends!  Love them!!)

While we were so excited, I wondered how close they would really be.  After all, they are 16 years apart in age.  I knew they would never share clothes growing up, go to school together, or do lots of other things I had done with my sister.  Also, Ashley will be leaving home when Kate is only 2.  

However - they have surprised me!!!  Ashley takes this "having a sister" business seriously, and makes time to have lots of fun with Kate.  For example:

We had a doozy of a rainstorm Sunday.  Ashley quietly went and changed out of her church clothes, and then came through the living room, stripped Kate down to her onesie and informed us that Kate needed to learn how to jump in puddles.  She took her out back to play in the rain.  I wish I had taken video, because that little girl's laugh was amazing.  Pure joy!!


Earlier this week, Ashley went over to her friend Mindy's house.  They had performed a number from "Wicked" for the Spring Pop Show, and it was awesome.  They prohibited video taping at the event, so the girls wanted to recreate the moment and catch it on video before Mindy leaves for college this week.  So - green paint and all - they dressed up and performed the number for the camera!

When Ashley got home, Kate was not convinced at first that she was REALLY her sister.  She checked her out thoroughly:

And only then, gave her a HUGE hug.  So cute.

And the sharing clothes thing?  Yesterday, we found Kate with Ashley's swimsuit.  She was tangled up in the straps, obviously trying to get into it, saying "On! On!"  Ash helped her out, and boy, was that girl proud!

We did her hair the other day - honest to goodness pigtails!  With all of her hair included - not just taking a few strands from the top and making pseudo-pigtails.  Real pigtails!  Do you know how long it has been?

And finally - I had to include a few moments that made me smile.  Yesterday, Garrett had a doctor appointment, and I took Kate with me to the pharmacy to get his medications.  We had to wait a bit, and she got a little restless, so I bought her a little package of cookies to keep her busy and happy.  She was chattering away, eating her cookies, smiling, offering me a bite, and in general, enjoying herself to the fullest, when a very nice lady sat beside me and said "hi" to her.  That's when her face changed to this:

She was as serious as stone, and staring straight at the woman for about five minutes until our name was called.  Maybe she thought she wanted one of her cookies or something.  She was NOT going to take her eyes off that woman!

And finally - Ashley caught the backpacking bug BAD at Philmont, and as she doesn't have much opportunity for that, she has gone to school a few mornings to climb the bleachers for exercise - with all of her gear on.  Great idea, right? The other day, she also had choir and orchestra rehearsals, so she came home looking like this!  When is the last time you saw a backpacker with a violin and a binder full of music? Not something you see every day!  I love this girl and the creative ways she finds to pursue her interests!

So - crossing my fingers that I get a "your computer is finished" phone call today!  Lots more ahead!

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  1. Wonderful post! But, Ashley--remember that "smaller" backpack you bought at the bookstore??? Now that's traded in for a HIKING PACK???? I'm confused--and you're NUTS! Love you, Girl!