Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Way Too Much Fun!!!

Lots of fun going on around here!  Since I last posted, we've had a birthday party for Joseph, watched Cameron pole vault at BYU, had family pictures taken at a beautiful spot up Provo Canyon, had a baptism service for Joseph, enjoyed a few large family get-togethers, and last night, we had the big Karaoke Dance Party with Greg's family and their kids for family night!

About 40 people (and not a shy one in the bunch), some nice sound equipment (thank you, Gary!), about 10 minutes for each team to prepare an act, and this is what you get!! Oh my goodness - I laughed so hard. 

I'm grateful today for this chance my kids have had to spend time with family this week!  Not only is it so fun to spend time together, but it's interesting to see why my kids are the way they are.  (For example, you may notice my husband and his brothers in a dog pile at some point in this video, and it may just remind you of my boys... maybe just a little. ) 

Enjoy!  Lots more coming soon!


  1. My six kiddos and I thoroughly enjoyed the karaoke dance party. Its so awesome to see so much love and fun in one big family!

  2. Had us movin' and grovin' for sure!