Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 This week has been a lot of "trying to get things done" while "trying not to over-do it on the leg", but as I looked through my pictures, there have been a lot of happy moments in the middle of all of the business.

Garrett got his glasses and can see!

Ashley and Cameron returned home from a couple of very successful camp sessions, and we were so happy to see them!  Cam busted it hard at football camp, and was very excited to be mentioned by the head coach in his talk to the kids as "the type of young man we are looking for here" for his work ethic and encouragement of the other players (especially since this is the university he would like to attend!)  He was also asked by the defensive backs coach to come back and work with them again next year on defense, and was named the outstanding sophomore running back on offense.  Yep - he practically floated through the door when he got home! Add to that the fact that he met a bunch of cute girls from basketball camp at the dance, and he had the best week ever. 

Ashley had a great week at music camp and apparently sung a fantastic solo at the final concert.  Can't wait until the recordings come out so I can hear it.  Best of all, she took a morning to go talk with one of the violin professors who had been through 5 years of the tendonitis issues she has dealt with and GOT SOME ANSWERS!!!  She can now play as much as she wants, thus...

...we have really enjoyed getting to hear this again around here!

Kate is happy to have her big sis back home...

 ... and was thrilled to find this sucker in her luggage.

 I took the kids to the doctor in batches for their yearly physicals.  This group had WAY too much fun waiting for the doctor.  I won't give you all of the details, but Cameron sang a stirring (very LOUD) rendition of "Popcorn Popping" to see if he could get the doctor to come in faster, which not only cracked us up, but all of the office and nursing staff.

...AND, they decided to wear their "look how I've grown" stickers on their shirts.  I love teenagers...

Ashley gave her brothers pig noses with packing tape.

Joseph was very proud of his snazzy Sunday outfit. 

This... I just found this on my phone.  Funny stuff!

And last of all, Kate discovered the wonder of pantyhose.  I wish I had this on video so you could see the utter confusion on her face as she repeatedly pulled up and snapped her sister's "skin."

Hope you're having happy summer days, too!

Oh!  And thank you so much for all of the love and concern over my little accident!  I have SO appreciated the well-wishes and prayers.  I am happy to report that it is MUCH improved today - ugly, bruised, and swollen, but the crutches are history and I'm getting around pretty well as long as I take small steps.  Hooray!

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