Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Calls for a Celebration!

So many proud mommy moments this morning!

Joseph and his best buddy

Joseph received the citizenship award for his class for the year.  One boy and one girl are chosen from each class for being kind to others all year.  This sweet boy has won it twice now.  I love these kinds of awards more than making the honor roll and things like that.  To know that my kids are treating others well when they're away from home makes me smile.  Hooray for Joseph!

Garrett and his awesome teacher

Garrett - so proud of this boy!  Each year the elementary school has a "Clap Out" for the students moving on to middle school the next year.  Students and parents line the halls while the 4th graders walk through the middle to thunderous applause.  Last year I attended, knowing that we were going to break Garrett's heart that night by telling him that we had decided to have him repeat the 4th grade.  After MUCH thought and prayer (months worth!), we knew that he would benefit from a year to concentrate on being healthy and solidifying his academic skills before moving on to the big world of middle school.  Today, I again attended the "Clap Out", unexpectedly teary-eyed.   This sweet boy has come so far in a year!!  I couldn't be prouder of him.  Look out, middle school!  Garrett's ready. 

Ashley told me about a month ago that she was thinking of running for Choir President for next year.  She still wasn't sure, and kept it largely to herself.  When multiple friends started encouraging her to run, it solidified her decision, and we put together her campaign video this weekend.  (Can I just say that getting to do a campaign video is SO much more fun than giving a speech?!)  We stayed up until 2am Saturday night, and I've been dying to post the finished product here! We decided to wait until the voting was over to post it in its entirety, since we included a blooper reel that took it over the allowed 3 minutes.  (They were showing the first half at school, but we didn't figure leaking the second half would be very fair.)  SO FUNNY!  I think what I love most about this video is how it highlights the friendship between her and her brother - so much laughter, pulling silly faces, movie quotes, etc.  It's them to a T and I love their friendship.  So - a little bit of serious and a whole lot of fun on this one!

We've been waiting for results all morning.  After this text exchange (I'm blue - she's white), she called me and said, "Mom!  My butterflies are bungee jumping!!" The suspense was killing us.

We just now got word that she came in 2nd out of 8 candidates and will be serving as Vice President.  So proud of her! 

And this picture just makes me smile.  I love her happy little heart. 

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  1. Jayden giggled the whole way through the bloopers! Congrats on VP, Ash! Congrats to Garrett & Joseph as well. Love y'all!