Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The day according to my phone

Apparently, I take a lot of pictures on that thing.  As I looked through tonight, they told the story of my day pretty well. I also realized that my kids make a lot of faces at me when I'm taking pictures!

After dropping my Scout Campers off, I spent the morning with Gingy and Gingy Jr. running errands. 

We got Cam a few clothes, since he has outgrown everything lately.  Then we headed off to the DMV and got his Learner's Permit!  Can you say "excited!"  This boy has been dying to drive, and he's in heaven. 

 Joseph made a duct tape cowboy.

Ashley, Cameron, and Isaac got to go hear a special guest speaker at church tonight.  Ashley was also asked to provide a musical number for the event and sang a duet with one of her friends.  I wasn't able to go tonight, but I did get to hear the rehearsal in my living room, and it was lovely.  

I snapped a couple of pictures as they were heading out the door.

And of course, Ashley made a face at me.  

 Kate got to play with her little friend Hannah.  She was so happy to see another little person...

 ... as long as she didn't get too close to her beloved baby doll. 

And finally - 2 overheard moments between my boys that cracked me up:

Joseph: "I don't think God would make girls extinct, because that would be the worst idea ever!!"

Garrett, about to retell a "yo momma" joke (ugh) he heard from a friend to Joseph:
"Yo momma is so .... oh, wait... nevermind..."

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