Sunday, June 9, 2013


Date Night Summer 1994 -

One of the things Greg and I have tried to do from the early days of our marriage is to go on regular dates together.  In the early days, money was the big constraint and we had to be creative.  A few years after that, when we had lots of young children, time, energy, and babysitters became the scarce commodities and we did lots of at-home dates after the kids went to bed.

This story is from the poor/creative days.

The summer we got married, we were in California for a couple of months before school started again in the fall. (We were both students at BYU at the time.)  It was my turn to plan date night.  After I got off work one night, I packed a few items in a small suitcase, and picked up Greg from his job.  I drove him to the mall and pulled out the bag.  I had 2 trenchcoats, 2 sets of Groucho Marx glasses, and a newspaper.  The plan was to put on the coats and glasses and sit on the benches in front of the mall reading the paper.  I thought it would be hilarious.

My sweet husband, who is always a good sport, went along with it and put on the disguise.  We sat in front of the mall reading the paper.  I was having a great time watching people do double takes from behind my newspaper.   (I found out later that poor Greg was completely embarrassed, but didn't have the heart to ruin my fun.  Isn't he amazing?)

The best moment came when a teenage boy, who had been watching us for a while, walked up and asked, "What's with you guys, anyway?  What are you doing?!"  I looked at him and said "We're reading the paper."  He said, "Oh... well, can I read, too?"  We slid over, handed him a section of the paper and he joined us!  So funny!

As silly as it was, this and other dates have helped keep us connected throughout the years and have been so fun to look back on.  Our kids also love looking at the pictures and hearing the stories.

What are some of your favorite memories and ways you have stayed close?  Share with us in the comments!  Because hey - I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.  As sweet as my good husband is, he's not going to go for the Groucho Marx at the mall bit again.  ;)

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