Monday, June 3, 2013

I think I can... I think I can

We are ALMOST there!  A few more days, and the school year will be over.  Fastest year ever!  We've white-knuckled it through everyone's end of the year projects, logged a lot of late nights, and are looking forward to some fun!  The little guys are just playing this week at school, the big boys have finals, and Ash just found out this morning that she gets to exempt all of her finals (I love that the school does this) for earning straight A's, having good attendance, and rocking her standardized tests.  Wahoo!  So excited for her - it's been a hairy month with all she's had to get done.  I don't think she's slept decently since late April.  She has choir elections this week, the ACT on Saturday, and then she gets some well-deserved time to relax. 

I like to put together photo montages each year to help us remember all of the fun we've had, and thought I'd share this year's video here.  Enjoy!

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