Tuesday, June 18, 2013

19 years and some colorful news

I can't believe it's been 19 years since I married this handsome guy!  19 full, busy, happy, growing,  stretching, wonderful years.  I never could have dreamed how much I would learn and how much joy would come from this one decision.

I've spent a little bit of time today reflecting not just on the sacred covenants we made that day, but on some of the lighter moments as well - thought I'd share a few of those!

When we got married, Greg's brother Gary, who was his Best Man, was getting ready to leave on a two-year mission for our church.  It was all he thought about, and he was very focused on keeping all of the commandments to the best of his ability in preparation (which I think is wonderful, by the way!)  However, he was responsible for driving us to our wedding reception, and we had taken too long taking pictures after the ceremony.  We were going to be late to our own reception, and Gary would not go over the speed limit - not even by a single mph.  I remember my new husband very tactfully saying that his stance on the speed limit was admirable, but that he had better step on it or else.  (Aren't big brothers great?)  

Later, as we were leaving our reception, Gary pulled the car around and left it running for us to make our grand exit.  Greg tried to open my door to let me in, only to find it locked.  He tried the driver door.  Locked.  He looked at his brother, who was starting to panic at this point, and tried one of the back doors (which had not even been used all night), and it miraculously opened.  (I still think Gary prayed that door unlocked!)

Then.... we got lost on the way to our hotel.  REALLY lost.  We ended up in a rough neighborhood in South Los Angeles, where Greg pulled into a gas station to buy a map.  The attendant, behind a window covered with bars, asked him which map he wanted, and Greg (who at the time was a small town country boy from North Carolina) told him that he didn't know and tried to explain where we were going.  The attendant would not help, simply stating "Tell me which one you want and I'll sell it to you."  At this time, Greg was approached by a group of about 20 young men, all of whom looked like thugs and hooligans, to put it mildly, and they surrounded him, creating a large circle around him.  I couldn't see him at all.   I had grown up in Los Angeles County and was well aware of the kinds of things that happened in this area.  I thought, "Oh no.  I've been married 12 hours, and my husband is dead."  A few moments later, he emerged from the circle with a huge grin on his face, while the men called after him, "Good luck, man!" and "Congratulations!"  He got in the car and said, "Good news!  I got directions!"  Once I knew that he was alive and well, I was thoroughly amused that he had not even thought to be nervous in that situation. 

And the adventure continues!   I am so grateful to have been able to experience these years with such a truly GOOD man.  Aaaaagh - love him so much. 

In other unrelated news - I finally listened to Garrett yesterday and took him to the eye doctor.  He had been telling me for months that he couldn't see well, but I had spent money for an eye exam 2 years ago, only to find out that he had perfect vision and just wanted glasses.  Thus, I had no real sense of urgency when he told me he needed glasses again.  

Well, guess what?  It turns out he can't see far or near, and is color blind to boot.  Who knew?!  (Besides him, I guess... and me....since he kept mentioning it for 3 months...Woops)  I found out yesterday that the red and green lights on the traffic lights look identical to him. 

We ordered his glasses and came home.  I told the other boys, and pulled up an online color blindness test to show Isaac and Joseph.  Isaac couldn't see any of it, either!  Joseph, however, got great joy out of being able to easily discern the answers that were eluding his older brothers.  So funny!  "It's a duck!  It's 74!  You can't see that?!"  On and on.  It's not often he gets to be the top dog among the boys and he LOVED it. We'll have to check Cameron when he gets back in town...

The big kids are gone this week at camps.  I heard from Ashley last night, who is having the BEST time at music camp.  She went as a vocalist this year instead of a violinist and really likes the faculty she is working with.  Her audition went really well and she's
loving every minute.  Hooray! 


  1. 19 years?! Wow, that went fast! Thanks for marrying my brother! I'm so grateful. You both are amazing!

    On the color blindness thing, Josh is color blind, too. If you ask him though, he's only 'color deficient' which always cracks me up. He's red/green color blind. I bet that was a proud moment for Joseph. :)

    1. It DID go fast, huh? Crazy. Ha! Love the "color deficient" term. I have a feeling Isaac's going to start using that one! Love you!