Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Parental Payday

I use the term "Parental Payday" to refer to those moments when one of my children demonstrates that the things that I have taught them have sunk deep into their hearts and become their own... and let me tell you, I kind of live for those moments!

As luck would have it, I got to have one Monday night courtesy of my oldest boy, Cameron.  We have been making some improvements to our back yard, and found ourselves a little behind schedule.  We had the concrete guys coming in the morning and needed to get a fairly deep hole dug through some really hard dirt ... and it was already 9pm.  Cameron said that he would dig the hole for us, so I grabbed a flashlight to give him a little light, a bucket to sit on, and headed out back to keep him company.

While watching him dig this hole, I found myself kind of astounded.  When in the world did he get so big?  And so strong?  As the work got harder,  I was truly amazed at his persistence (really - I would have quit!)  and how he happily kept chatting with me as he continued the grueling dig.  At one point, the dirt was so hard, that the metal shovel head actually began to bend instead of penetrating the dirt, but he laughed, got some other tools, and kept going.  Was this really the same boy that I used to sit with and have to coax into completing ALL of the problems on his homework assignment?  Or the one I sent back to re-do chores, telling him that "anything worth doing is worth doing right?"

An hour and a half later, the hole was complete.  I verbalized my thoughts and told him how proud I was of him and his persistence.  He said, "You know.  It's kind of funny, but persistence is something you only get through actually BEING persistent.  You have to do it before you get it."  PAYDAY.

Now - the day before, I had been kind of down on myself for my OWN lack of persistence and consistency in accomplishing some goals I had set for myself.  I guess I was sort of bemoaning the fact that I wasn't naturally more tenacious.  My boy had just given me the answer to my dilemma.  DOUBLE PAYDAY.

I'm grateful today for a hardworking son, that not only gave me a glimpse of the young man he's becoming, but took the time to teach his mom a lesson as well. 

Cameron's Hole: Deeper than it looks, both literally and figuratively


  1. Love those moments! I've had 2 of those in my 12 years of parenting. I'm looking forward to more! :)

  2. This was a fun story to read. Thanks for sharing!